Frog Species Recorded at
Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge

Tropical North Queensland has a very diverse frog fauna with 27 species endemic to the Wet Tropics rainforest. Some of the frogs occuring over 500m have declined dramatically since the late 1980's, in particular stream dwelling frogs. Some of these have been recorded on the nearby Mt. Lewis. Many other species occur in the region and are not confined to the rainforest.

Two frog species occuring within the Lodge grounds have recently been split into three seperate species each. The Northern-barred Frog has been split and the one which occurs at the Lodge is now Giant Northern Barred Frog, the other species that was split off is the Carbine Barred Frog which is found on Mt. Lewis. Likewise the Lesueur's Frog split has resulted in the one found in the Lodge grounds now called Northern Stony Creek Frog.

Common Name

Northern Nursery Frog (Ornate Frog)
Desert Froglet (Torrid frog)
Remote Froglet (Northern Froglet)
Striped Burrowing Frog (Green Striped Frog)
Marbled Frog
Striped Marsh Frog (Brown Striped Frog)
Northern Sedge Frog (Northern Dwarf Tree Frog)
Green Tree Frog
Eastern Sedge frog (Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog)
Northern Stony Creek Frog (Stony Creek Frog)
Graceful Tree Frog (Dainty Tree Frog)
White-lipped Tree Frog (Giant Tree Frog)
Bumpy Rocket Frog (Peter's Frog)
Rocket Frog (Striped Rocket Frog)
Bridle Frog (Tawny Rocket Frog)
Northern Laughing Tree Frog (Roth's Tree Frog)
Desert Tree Frog (Red Tree Frog)
Orange-thighed Tree Frog (N. Red-eyed Tree Frog)
White-browed Whistling Frog (Rain Whistling Frog)
Giant Northern Barred Frog
Cane Toad



Latin Name

Cophixalus ornatus
Crinia deserticola
Crinia remota
Cyclorana alboguttata
Limnodynastes convexiusculus
Limnodynastes peronii
Litoria bicolor
Litoria caerulea
Litoria fallax
Litoria jungguy
Litoria gracilenta
Litoria infrafrenata
Litoria inermis
Litoria nasuta
Litoria nigrofrenata
Litoria rothi
Litoria rubella
Litoria xanthomera
Austrochaperina pluvialis
Mixophyes coggeri
Bufo marinus

Names are taken from "Field Gude to the Frogs of Queensland" (2012). Eric Vanderduys (Available from our shop).

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